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May 2024

16th May 2024

Evening SJ at Kirkley Hall - Thursday 16th May - Results

Class 1 – Grasshoppers 1st Becky Stewart, Thomas;  2nd John Patten, Saffy Class 2 – 60cm 1st Ann Ryman Currie, Pudsey;  2nd Sarah Bramwell, Willow;  3rd Elizabeth Katzensteiner, Snickers;  4th John Patten, Saffy;&nb...
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April 2024

14th Apr 2024

Trophies and rosette winners 2023

Rosettes and trophies were presented at the AGM on Wednesday 10th April.   Dressage Champion - Francesca Bell, Perlands Lyrical Interlude  Reserve Champion - Anne Telfer, Katie SJ Champion - Ann Ryman Currie, Pudsey  Reserve Champio...
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February 2024

11th Feb 2024

Success for CDRC Members at Qualifiers - UPDATE

Emma Davidson and Rosie are off to the BRC Introductory Dressage Championships on Saturday 9th March.  GOOD LUCK EMMA!! Chris Grant, Ellie Glenndinning, Katie Barbour and Sophie Issacs have qualified for the Novice Winter Championships which wi...
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October 2023

22nd Oct 2023

Dressage Competition at Kirkley Hall - Sunday 22nd October - Results

Judge: Alastair Parkin Intro A 1st  Ann Crosland, Heathcliff 65.65%;  Carolyn Charleton, Tievanny Jacko - Eliminated Intro C 1st  Carolyn Charleton, Tievanny Jacko 67.39% (Collective mark 68);  2nd Karen McCarthy, Agnes (Colle...
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August 2023

17th Aug 2023

Evening Dressage at High Plains - Thursday 17th August - Results

JUDGE –  HELEN COPELAND Intro B 1st Caroline Scott, Ivor 61.03%;  2nd Tara Tordoff, Prince 60.57% Prelim 7 1st Heather McNeil, Molly 67.27%;  2nd Susannah Brown, Mountdaisy Commander, 63.18%;  3rd Sarah Dodd, Hooky Book...
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July 2023

28th Jul 2023

Evening SJ at Kirkley Hall Thursday 27th July - Results

Results 27th July  Class 1 – Grasshoppers 1st Becky Stewart, Thomas  2nd Kate Henderson, Buzz  3rd Susannah Brown, Mountdaisy Commander  4th John Patten, Sofie Class 2 – 60cm 1st Ann Ryman Currie, Pudsey  2nd ...
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19th Jul 2023

Evening Dressage at Kirkley Hall Wednesday 19th July - Results

EVENING DRESSAGE RESULTS 19th JULY JUDGE – Nikki Lawson  Intro C 1st Joanna Walton, Secoya 67.83%;  2nd Sarah-Jane Denholm, Castletogher Swallow 66.74%;  3rd Susie Brown, Mountdaisy Commander 63.91%;  4th Emma Wells, Lad...
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June 2023

23rd Jun 2023

Evening SJ at Kirkley Hall Thursday 22nd June - Results

Results Class 1 Grasshoppers 1st Becky Stuart, Thomas;  2nd Carole Weatherley, Dude;  3rd Joanna Walton, Secoya;  4th Kate Henderson, Buzz Class 2 60cm 1st Ann Ryman Currie, Pudsey;  2nd Becky Stuart, Thomas;  3rd Bethany...
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14th Jun 2023

Evening Dressage at Kirkley Hall Wednesday 14th June - Results

JUDGE –  JULIE HOWARD Intro B 1st  Susie Brown, Mount Daisy Commander 64.78%;  2nd Ann Crosland, Heathcliff 63.48%;  3rd Bethany Grant, Ted 63.04%;  4th Lorraine Hodgson, Court Rise 58.04% Prelim 7 1st  Ruth B...
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May 2023

26th May 2023

Evening SJ at Kirkley Hall - Thursday 25th May - Results

Results Class 1 60cm 1st Mary Ann Rogers, John;  2nd Topsy Dickson, Oscar;  3rd Rebecca Storey, Tammie  Class 2 70cm 1st Jess Ridley, Monty;  2nd Sara Chapman, William;  3rd Rebecca Storey, Tammie;  4th Mary Ann Rog...
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17th May 2023

Evening Dressage at Kirkley Hall Wednesday 17th May - Results

JUDGE –  ALASTAIR PARKIN Intro A 1st  Sheila Eggleston, Eyelaw 71.96%;  2md Emma Davidson, Rosie 68.7%;  3rd Joanna Walton, Secoya 67.61%;  4th Sarah-Jane Denholm, Castletogher Swallow 65.87%;  5th Chloe Sinclair...
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April 2023

13th Apr 2023

Trophies and Rosette Winners 2022

Rosettes and trophies were presented at the AGM on Wednesday 5th April.   Normally we have a Dressage Champion, a SJ Champion and an overall Champion.  Unfortunately our 2022 SJ series didn’t take place because of the weather so this ...
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March 2023

26th Mar 2023

Dressage Competition at Kirkley Hall - Sunday 26th March - Results

Judges:  Judith McCowie and Sharon Spenser Mullins Intro B 1st  Tanya Palmer, Tadhgs Promise 75.65%;  2nd Karen McCarthy, Agnes Brown 69.1%;  3rd Shelly McKenna, Quinin 67.8%;  4th Joanna Walton, Secoya 65.9%;  5th Mar...
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13th Mar 2023

CDRC Draft Constitution 2023

The Committee decided recently that it was time to review and update the riding club constitution. Some members of the committee have worked together to produce the draft constitution,  which can be found by clicking here FINAL DRAFT CDRC Consti...
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December 2022

14th Dec 2022

New Members and Membership renewals 2023

Yes, it is that time of year again!  As you may or not be aware, BRC have increased the membership fee for 2023.   The Committee have discussed this increase and have decided that the Club will absorb the increase and keep our membership ...
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October 2022

23rd Oct 2022

CDRC Dressage Competition - Sunday 23rd October at Kirkley Hall - RESULTS

JUDGE – Alastair Parkin Intro B 1st  Lyn Charleton, Sheabag Lad 70.43%;  2nd Staphanie Lynch, GS Take it Over the Line 68.26%;  3rd Karen McCarthy, Agnes Brown 67.39%;  4th Emma Wells, Lady Vanessa 64.78%;  5th Tracy ...
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17th Oct 2022

Area 2 Combined Challenge Competition at Ivesley EC - Sunday 16th October

Great day out for our Team Members at Ivesley yesterday with a 1st, 2nd and 3rd for our teams and also some individual places! 1st for Suzy Thornton and Punch Bowl;  4th for Suzanne Yeend and Stocai Ban; 5th for Will Telfer and Mainsbank Noblem...
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August 2022

17th Aug 2022

Evening Dressage at Kirkley Hall Wednesday 17th August - Results

JUDGE – Susan Peart   Intro C 1st  Ruth Bramwell, Doodles 65.43%;  2nd Stephanie Lynch, GS Take it Over the Line 63.26%;  3rd Karen McCarthy, Agnes 62.83% Prelim 7 1st Ruth Bramwell, Doodles 72.27% (collectives 76); ...
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July 2022

13th Jul 2022

Evening Dressage at Kirkley Hall Wednesday 13th July - Results

JUDGE – Fiona Lowrey Prelim 13 1st  Claire Black, Felton Rosso 69.05%;  2nd Amy Watson, Winston 69.04%;  3rd Caroline Shield, Ketchup 66.54%;  4thStephanie Lynch, Time of my Life 65.96%;  5th Barbara Buglass, Belle 6...
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June 2022

23rd Jun 2022

Evening SJ at Little Whittington 23rd June - Results

Class 1 - 60cm 1st Jennifer Hanson, Blue;  2nd Jess Ridley, Monty  3rd Lorna Henderson, Hillgarth Sundaze Blaze Class 2 - 70cm   1st Stephanie Lynch, Silent Rogue;  2nd Pip Nixon, Oti;  3rd Gem...
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15th Jun 2022

Evening Dressage at Kirkley Hall Wednesday 15th June - Results

JUDGE – Alastair Parkin Intro B 1st Katharine Paterson, Jumping Jack Flash 68.26%;  2nd Lyn Charleton, Carmie 65%;  3rd Karen McCarthy, Agnes Brown 63.7% (collectives 65); 4th  Pauline Steele, Maisiemoo 63.7% (collectives 63); ...
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May 2022

18th May 2022

Evening Dressage at Kirkley Hall Wednesday 18th May - Results

JUDGE – Julie Howard Intro C 1st Mandy Craig, Megan Silk 64.57%;  2nd Katharine Paterson, Jack 64.35%;  3rd Pauline Steele, Maisiemoo 63.04%;  4thRhiannon Stevenson, Ace 60.22%;  5th Ruth Bramwell, Doodles 56.09% Prelim 2...
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April 2022

14th Apr 2022

2021 Points Trophy and Rosette Winners

Points Trophies and Rosette Winners 2021 Rosettes and trophies were presented at the AGM on Tuesday 5th April.   Points are awarded for competitions throughout the year - the first oportunity was our Dressage Competition on 27th March.  Lo...
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March 2022

27th Mar 2022

Dressage Competition at Kirkley Hall 27th March - RESULTS

JUDGE – Shelley Wilson Intro C 1st Lucy Guthrie, Trevor 65.65%; 2nd Lucy Mason, Pepper 61.96%; 3rd Karen McCarthy, Agnes Brown 60.65%; 4thKatharine Paterson, Jack 57.83%; Prelim 1 1st Sarah Dodd, The Hooky Booky 78.68%; 2...
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20th Mar 2022

Times for Dressage Competition - Sunday 27th March at Kirkley Hall

Click on the link to view times for our Dressage Competition on 27th March    Times Dressage 27th March.docx  
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February 2022

27th Feb 2022

Area 2 Arena Eventing Qualifier Competition Results - 26th & 27th February

  It has been a lovely 2 days @ Richmond Equestrian Centre for our Arena Eventing Teams. Congratulations to all our riders - all jumped excellent rounds, with just a few time faults keeping a couple of combinations out of the placings. Tara...
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October 2021

30th Oct 2021

Area 2 Dressage Competition at Holmside Hall - Saturday 30th October

A wet start turned into a lovely, sunny afternoon of dressage. Congratulations to our members who rode lovely tests to achieve the following results. Prelim 2 Non-qualifier Class Carrhouse Fifth Avenue ridden by Francesca Bell ...
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10th Oct 2021

Area 2 Dressage Competition at Alnwick Ford - Saturday & Sunday 9th and 10th October

Results It was a win for team Corbridge in our first competition of the Winter season. It was also a weekend that was great fun, with 9 members competing, some for the first time. All rode lovely tests and were great representatives for ou...
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September 2021

9th Sep 2021

Endurance GB BRC Team Championships - Sunday 5th September

Endurance GB BRC Team Championships Sunday 5th September 3rd Place for Area 2 The final of the Endurance GB BRC Team Event took place on Sunday. As the team is made up of between three and six horses and riders from affiliated Riding Clubs within a...
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August 2021

17th Aug 2021

CDRC Evening Dressage – 18th August – RESULTS

JUDGE – Sharon Spenser Mullins Intro A 1st Diane Johnson, Paris 70.44%;  2nd Margaret Duncan, Charlie 70%;  3rd Fiona Grant, Cornsay Enchantment 69.13%;  4th Susannah Webb, Illanunurra Bailey 67.61%; 5th David Tolson, Drumillar...
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5th Aug 2021

Evening SJ Competition at Little Whittington – Thursday 5th August - RESULTS

Class 1 - 60cm 1st Lucy Walby, Diamond Cruiser;  2nd Steph Lynch, Time of my Life;  3rd Diana Hodgson, Tabitha;  4th Susannah Webb, Bailey;  5th Emma Dunn, Peral;  6th Paige Archibald, Bobby Class 2 - 70cm   1st ...
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July 2021

29th Jul 2021

SJ Points League after Round 2

After 2 rounds of our evening Show Jumping the points table looks like this: Rider  Horse  Total Helen Dickson Buzz 19 Lucy Walby  Diamond Cruiser  16 Tracy Turner  Murphy  9 Claire Tap...
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20th Jul 2021

CDRC Evening Dressage – 21st July – RESULTS

JUDGE – Fiona Lowrey Prelim 2 1st  Diane Johnson, Paris 70%;  2nd Emma Shorman, Mr Snip 67.24%;  3rd Liz Joyce, Matilda 66.38%;  4th Nick Hodkinson, Ruby 66.21%;  5th Susannah Webb, Bailey 65.52%; 6th David Tolson, Ka...
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19th Jul 2021

Dressage points league

After the first competition the dressage points league looks like this: Rider  Horse  Totals Rachel Clark  KG Kickoff 11 Viv Whitfield  Choccky Wocky Dooda  10 Catherine Willoughby Hugo 8 He...
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8th Jul 2021

Evening SJ Competition at Little Whittington – Thursday 8th July - RESULTS

Class 1 - 60cm 1st Lucy Walby, Diamond Cruise;  2nd Tara Tordoff, Prince;  3rd Suzy Thornton, Hattie;    4th Sam Watson, Bob   5th Katy Weatherhead, Tilly   6th Helen Dickson, Gordon Class 2 - 70cm ...
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June 2021

27th Jun 2021

SJ Points League

The SJ points league after the first competition looks like this: Rider  Horse  Total Tracy Turner  Murphy  9 Helen Dickson Buzz 9 Claire Tapperell Kizzy  8 Mary Ann Rogers Ballyarnett Rock...
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16th Jun 2021

Evening SJ Competition Thursday 17th June - RESULTS

Class 1  –  60cm 1st  Lucy Walby,  Diamond Cruiser;  2nd  Caroline Norton Cox,  J’aDora Pomme;  3rd  Claire Taperell,  Kizzy;  4th Tracy Turner,  Murphy;  5th  Suzy Th...
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8th Jun 2021

CDRC Evening Dressage – 9th June – RESULTS

JUDGE - Julie Howard Intro B 1st Nick Hodkinson, Ruby 68.69%;  2nd Fiona Grant, Cornsay Enchantment 66.68%;  3rd Francesca Bell, Carrhouse Fifth Avenue 65.65%;  4th Lucy Guthrie, Trevor 63.26%;  5th Shelly McKenna, Quirin 62.83%...
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May 2021

2nd May 2021

Senior Novice Winter Dressage Championships - Results

Congratulations to our Senior Team who achieved 3rd place in the Virtual Novice Winter Dressage Championships!   A magnificent performance from:   RUTH BRAMWELL riding WOODSTOWN BEANO KAREN MCCARTHY riding SUNR...
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April 2021

28th Apr 2021

British Riding Clubs Endurance 2021

This year Endurance GB is once again offering a British Riding Clubs Team Endurance Championship which is open to all Riding Clubs in England, Wales and Scotland In 2019 a team of 3 from the club had a wonderful time at qualifying rides where they g...
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10th Apr 2021

Arena Eventing Team win at Richmond

Massive congratulations to our Arena Eventing Team – Corbridge Ash – who have just won the Area 2 90cm Qualifier at Richmond Equestrian Centre - and qualified for the Championship! A tough course produced an excellent whole team performan...
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January 2021

12th Jan 2021

Bridleways report January 2021

In Northumberland ensuring bridleways and other public rights of way are accessible is largely responsibility of Northumberland County Council.  With limited staff they rely on us as horseriders and walkers to provide information on any problems...
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December 2020

23rd Dec 2020

Christmas Greetings

Wishing all our members a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
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14th Dec 2020

West Park Arena SJ Qualifiers - Results

Delighted to report that our SJ teams had successful outings at West Park at the weekend.  On Saturday our 70cm team (Lyn Charleton, Alex Pettican, Gemma Harris and Rachel Clark) finished 2nd with Gemma Harris 6th individually .  This was followed ...
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9th Dec 2020

SJ Teams at West Park Arena this weekend

Good luck to all our members who are representing Corbridge at West Park this weekend!  You can follow the live results from the link below. . TEAM ASH - 70cm Lyn Charleton, Alex Pettican, Gemma Harris & Rachel Clark TEAM ASH - 80cm Gemm...
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8th Dec 2020

Gridwork Training at Parkend on 5th December

Twenty four of our members and their horses were delighted to be out and about at the gridwork at Parkend.   Great comments afterwards from both members and our ace trainer Charlotte Ridley. The next session is on Sunday 10th January - come...
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November 2020

23rd Nov 2020

Donation to Macmillan Cancer Research

The virtual tack sale raised £58 for Macmillan. We've received a lovely email from them thanking us for our support. £58 is enough to pay for a Macmillan Cancer Support Worker for three hours, helping people living with cancer across the...
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October 2020

24th Oct 2020

Intermediate Dressage Qualifier at Holmside Hall

Well done to  Sam Harrison, Gemma Harris and Helen Henderson.  Between them they rode 6 lovely tests at Prelim, Novice and Elementary level. Sam gained 2 individual places at Prelim and Novice; Helen was also placed in her Novice...
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23rd Oct 2020

Novice Dressage Qualifier at Holmside Hall

9 members represented Corbridge. It was 1st place for Corbridge and Team Ash - Ruth Bramwell, Karen McCarthy and Katie Rea. With only 3 in the team, and no score to drop, this is an excellent performance and qualifies the tea...
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10th Oct 2020

Area 2 WL Dressage Competition at Alnwick Ford

17 Area 2 teams competed. Our Club teams had a great day - Corbridge Ash were placed 2nd and Corbridge Oak were 10th. We also had some excellent individual performances with a 1st place for Liz Joyce in Intro B and 3rd for Karen McCarthy in...
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