Dressage Competition at Kirkley Hall - Sunday 26th March - Results

Judges:  Judith McCowie and Sharon Spenser Mullins

Intro B

1st  Tanya Palmer, Tadhgs Promise 75.65%;  2nd Karen McCarthy, Agnes Brown 69.1%;  3rd Shelly McKenna, Quinin 67.8%;  4th Joanna Walton, Secoya 65.9%;  5th Mary Ann Rogers, John 65.7%;  6th Jackie Axcell,  Derwent Lucky Lad 63.7%

Prelim 1

1st  Barbara Buglass, Belle;  2nd Tanya Palmer, Tadhgs Promise 75.79%;  3rd Karen McCarthy, Agnes Brown 70%;  4thSarah Dodd, The Irish Encounter 67.89%;  5th Michelle Nolan, Lilly 63.95%;  6th Mary Ann Rogers, John 63.42%

Prelim 13

1st Nick Hodkinson, Arizona 68.65%;  2nd = Barbara Buglass, Belle 68.08% AND Sarah Bramwell, Sandlands Willow 68.08%;  4th Anne Telfer, Katie 66.92%;  5th Jean Craney, Liath Hilltops 66.73%;  6th Lynn Shaw, Cross Drum Countess 66.35%

Novice 27

1st Roma Williams, Rachel 68.04%;  2nd Jean Craney, Liath Hilltops 67.86%;  3rd Anne Telfer, Katie 66.61%;  4th Sarah Bramwell, Sandlands Willow 66.07%;  5th Lynn Shaw, Cross Drum Countess, 65.18%;  6th Caroline Shield, Ketchup 65%

Novice 34

1st Roma Williams, Rachel 69.38%;  2nd Tracey Hutchinson, Snoopy 66.25%;  3rd Ann Ryman Curry, Pudsey 62.92%

Elementary 50

1st  Susan Wilde, Lightening Capry 69.12%;  2nd Helen Matthews, FSH Alfie Sheen 63.39%;  3rd Tracey Hutchinson, Snoopy 62.32%;  4th Ann Ryman Curry, Pudsey 55.54%

Medium 63

1st  Susan Wilde, Lightening Capry 67.4%;  2nd Helen Matthews, FSH Alfie Sheen 57.24%



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