Corbridge is the largest riding club in North East Area 2 - we welcome all new members with a personal email and we send regular emails to keep members updated.   

In addition our members only facebook page is a fantastic way of getting to know other members and perhaps arranging to meet up with other riders on a more informal basis. All of our training sessions are grouped according to confidence/ability levels so riders are never pushed far out of their comfort zones….. unless they want to be! If you are in two minds about joining our advice is….GO FOR IT.

You can view and contact our committee members and Constitution by clicking the links below:

CDRC Committee 2023

CDRC Constitution 2023

Constitution declaration page 2023

We run a wide variety of events throughout the year with a variety of trainers - and the committee are always open to suggestions!

Meet some of our trainers below!

Alastair Parkin 

I taught my first Corbridge and District Riding Club clinic in 2004 and the enthusiasm from its members to learn and improve has in no way diminished over the years.  Horses have changed, riders have developed and the older girls are still barking mad but there is nothing like a day with the Corbridge and their excellent egg sandwiches! 

Wonder which older girls he might be referring to!


Charlotte Ridley - BOSS at Parkend Equestrian Centre says:

CDRC!! What a club!! Something for everyone and always friendly and well run.  I always say that as a coach it’s the clients job to “amuse” me!! Well Corbridge members certainly do that – many giggles have been had and jumps jumped in orders that even I didn’t know was possible!!  Keep up the good work – love having you all here. Charlotte x

That's Charlotte having a well earned can of G&T after a hard day's SJ training with CDRC .... we had carrot cake too!


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