SJ Points League

The SJ points league after the first competition looks like this:

Rider  Horse  Total
Tracy Turner  Murphy  9
Helen Dickson Buzz 9
Claire Tapperell Kizzy  8
Mary Ann Rogers Ballyarnett Rocket  6
Lucy Walby  Diamond Cruiser  6
Will Telfer  Patrick  6
Caroline Norton Cox J'aDora Pomme 5
Joanna Harrison  Rosie 5
Catherine Willoughby Hugo 4
Gemma Tolson  Henry  4
Emma Shorman Mister Snip  3
Suzy Thornton Hattie  2
Ruth Lognonne  Rocky 2
Helen Dickson Gordon  1
Claire Norton Earl 1
Katie Spottiswood Dougal  1


The next competition is on Thursday 8th July.  Entries close Monday 5th July.  

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