ANYONE can be on a team! There are numerous competition opportunities - we like to think that there is something for everyone.

There are several excellent events for beginners (you can be on a team or enter as an individual) and one of our Team Managers will be able to advise you accordingly.

Competitions are largely arranged by our area (BRC Area 2) and most are qualifiers for a National Championship.

There is a competition schedule for both summer and winter seasons which can be accessed by following the link below.

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Area 2 Winter League and Winter Qualifiers 2021 - 2022

We now look forward to our Winter competition programme which starts with Dressage in October - details of all competitions will be posted on our website. 

Check out the file below for more info on being on a team!

CDRC Teams Info

If you would like further information or a chat contact our Team Managers:

Liz Joyce or Gemma Tolson.

BRC Handbook 

The British Riding Clubs Handbook contains everything you need to know to compete in official Riding Club competitions, including what you and your horse are allowed to wear, eligibility criteria and rules for all the different Qualifiers and Championships. This handbook can be found on the BRC home page.

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To view our latest guidance on vaccinations and microchips click on the link below :

Vaccination and Microchip requirements May 2021

Competitor horse details September 2021

Endurance GB BRC Team Championships Sunday 5th September

3rd Place for Area 2

The final of the Endurance GB BRC Team Event took place on Sunday. As the team is made up of between three and six horses and riders from affiliated Riding Clubs within an area, the team represented Area 2.

The team achieved 3rd place completing the 32km ride at a speed of 12.5km per hour. A hilly course and a warm day, led to one team member choosing to ride at a slower pace, which proved the correct decision for her horse.

Riding as “Angels of the North” the team was

Val Brown (Corbridge RC) riding Two Tone Charlie

Joanna Walton (Border RC) riding Wannie Line Millie

Liz Joyce (Corbridge RC) riding Starholme Matilda

Lyn Charlton (Corbridge RC) riding Sheabeg Lad

Nikki Parnaby (Newcastle RC) riding Celtic Connections

Area 2 Competitions - Live Results 

BRC runs a live Results Page for Area 2 events which can be accessed throughout the day of the event.

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