Pilates and Bowen Training with Angela Delafield and Adrian Bell - Sunday 26th November at West Greenridge Farm, Hexham NE46 2NX

26th Nov 2023

Members only 

Closing date Wednesday 22nd November.

Format: A two hour session in groups of 6 people

Cost: £40.00 per person - payment by cheque or BACS (see entry form for details)

An Introductory session with NCPT & classical Pilates instructor Adrian Bell who will focus his instruction on helping to resolve common horse rider body issues. The session will include a range of matt movements and basic reformer equipment exercises to help strengthen and gain body control and symmetry.

Bowen Therapy (UK EBT) specialist Angela Delafield will treat each person one to one for 20 minutes during the session. Bowen therapy is a gentle hands-on pressure rolling technique targeting body alignment and balance.

One session will reduce tension and inflammation of muscles, soft tissue, and fascia, with an instant improvement of body movement.  For lasting results to aid body repair it is advised a minimum of 3-4 sessions to eliminate muscle memory of tendons and soft tissue. This treatment does not require you to remove any clothing!  

Both qualified practitioners have held this specialised equine rider focused session together before which complement each other very well in aspect of improving strength, balance and movement to help eliminate rider injury.

Light refreshments will be provided during the two hour session.

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