Area 2 Riding Test / Prix Caprilli at Holmside Hall - Saturday 19th March

19th Mar 2022

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A Prix Caprilli is a dressage test with jumps included. The tests have the same movements as a preliminary/novice dressage test and include the requirement for horse and rider to trot and/or canter over single jumps. The judges will judge this test the same as a normal dressage test that includes technical marks for the movement, impulsion, submission, and riding. The emphasis is not the jumping style of the horse, it is on the horse’s relaxation, obedience, and evenness of pace. It is a dressage test that happens to have jumps in the way and the jumps should not disrupt the standard performance expected in a dressage test. It is something different to the normal dressage test and a bit of fun. Why not have a go!

On the same day, the Riding Test competition will take place. This is a dressage competition using the BRC Riding Tests

Entries close for both competitions on Monday 28th February 2022 and classes and fees can be found by downloading the schedule 

For further information or questions/queries, please contact Liz Joyce on 07876391663 or email

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